Summer Economic Update: present action & signposts for the future

The Chancellor will wait until the Autumn before planning how to recover the costs of his spending spree. Alliteration has gone into overdrive when it comes to government initiatives. Hard on the heels of Super Saturday”, we had the Chancellor’s “Summer Statement “. While there is understandable public concern over how the ever increasing government debt is to be repaid, the government’s preoccupation is not so much with making repayments (or the largely affordable, low-interest cost of servicing the debt), but the more pressing challenge of re-starting the economy, stimulating recovery, and preserving and creating jobs.

Homemade chocolates, thoughtful gifts and more with free local delivery and COVID safe shopping

Joyce’s With Best Wishes, an independent local business, is open again with their wide selection of gifts, cards, balloons to add some sparkle to your special occasions. If you plan to visit the store Sue and her team have put in all the necessary precautions to allow you to shop safely during current times. There is a one-way system operating (all signposted and easy to follow) and doors are wiped with antibacterial spray after each use so you can browse the wonderful selection of gifts worry-free.