Lingfield Day 2021 a success!

English weather is not known for being kind to those who attempt to organise outside events. But there was an exception made for Lingfield on Saturday 4th December. 

Preceded by a night of rain and followed by a deluge, the day itself was not only dry, but quite mild. Perhaps this was the magic of Narnia and the wardrobe that was stationed in the High Street for the previous fortnight to herald the event. 

The Narnia Trail was a huge success with families exploring all aspects of the village and it raised awareness for the 40 organisations that participated. Three prizes, drawn from the many correct entries received, were generously provided by the Chamber of Commerce members Pickering & Rye. 

Everyone pulled together to make the event a success – shops, businesses, church, and places of interest including Young Epilepsy, whose world-leading OPM-MEG project is the recipient of our fundraising effort.

Read more about the OPM-MEG prohect here:

The event began with a few words from the vicar, Rev Ian Whitley, followed by carols beautifully sung by children from the Primary School and supported by the village silver band.

As ever, Father Christmas (who had also visited the young people at Young Epilepsy the previous Thursday), sitting in the Cage was very popular with eager young visitors as he handed out presents and a sealed certificate of attendance. Since they were presents, there was no charge, but most of our visitors donated generously nonetheless to the collection boxes for Young Epilepsy. These added to the substantial sum raised in the Grand Draw – tickets, prizes and winners are listed via the front page.

A small, good-natured queue soon formed outside the Victoria Club and the Community Centre, where Claire and Carol took turns to let groups in as required by new Covid restrictions. This worked well as it was much easier to see all the lovely stalls and pick up a range of often handmade gifts to fill stockings and trees. 

Lingfield Chamber of Commerce would like to express thanks to everyone, including stallholders, fairground operators, Army Cadets and visitors, who participated in making this a great event, and also for the generous financial support received from the Gatwick Airport Community Trust.

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