Leaving the Chamber of Commerce

Dear Business Colleagues,

After four years I have decided to step down as Chair of the Lingfield Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is there to help local businesses and, through those businesses, to contribute to the village in a variety of ways. I am proud of what we have delivered together during that time. Christmas lights and Lingfield Day celebrations are the most obvious, but we also champion initiatives such as defibrillators, the PEARLS employee discount scheme to encourage people to spend in their local community. We have worked to improve the village appearance through efforts such as cleaning and painting street furniture, providing additional flower tubs – and, of course, raising charitable funds.

I’m sure the local community would like this to continue and if, as a member of a local business, you are interested in taking on the role, please contact me via the web site:


Whilst mentioning my own departure, I should also inform you that Martin Cundey is stepping down as Treasurer. Martin has been involved in the Chamber of Commerce since it was formed in 1992, and I am very grateful to him for his contribution over the years.

Thank you to everyone for your support during my time as Chair.

Clive Jecks

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